IT ServicesOnline collaboration that transforms the way we communicate with each other.

Cost efficient, easy to deploy solutions have the ability to empower people to engage and innovate, any where on any device.

These tools are now readily accessible to companies of all sizes. Our IT Services specialists work closely with you to understand how you communicate with each other and deploy flexible, right-sized, right-priced collaboration solutions that are able to improve productivity, reduce costs, speed decision making, and enhance customer relationships and deliver exceptional results. We have the resources and knowledge to provide you with the latest innovations in collaboration tools.

Tandem Systems IT Services will look at all areas of your business to understand what collaboration tools will most benefit your business.  We can look at how to help speed up the quality of your business decisions, increase employee engagement, mobility and productivity and also reduce actual workspace, travel and IT operational related costs.  These tools can include high-definition video, voice, content sharing, messaging, and chat.

Solutions that include real time co-authoring and version control avoids the need to email documents to individuals and reduces mistakes. We can help you to choose the right application suite for your business for example Google Apps for Business, MS Office 365 or Skype for Business which offer many advantages, which:

  • Allow your team to work on the same document at the same time and viewing the amendments in real time
  • Let the team to communicate via voice, instant messaging or video, sharing computer screens to resolve problem speedily
  • Enable clients and colleagues to work together in a single project team area
  • Web Conferencing

Tools such as WebEx web conferencing is a great way to work with people in multiple locations, Tandem Systems can demonstrate how this technology can:

  • Enable online collaboration
  • Share real time secure content online
  • Meet face-to-face using HD video conferencing
  • Share desktops, specific documents, apps
  • Allow “remote control” to others for demonstration purposes


Talk to one of our IT Services specialists today to see how you can transform the efficiency of your business through our suite of innovative collaboration tools.