Managed IT SupportNetwork Infrastructures that enhance the performance of your business.

Network infrastructures are the backbone of an IT system. How well they perform is more than likely reflection on how efficient and effective your business performs.  

An IT network doesn’t describe your computers and the wires which run between them, a well designed IT network provides businesses with a huge number of benefits which go above and beyond what each computer and their software applications can provide.   Networks are more complex than ever before and the demands on them continue to increase. More devices, more demands on how and when your data is accessed and more security threats than ever before make running a reliable, scalable, highly secure, efficient network harder than ever to maintain.

Here at Tandem, we know that your time is precious and how to optimise your IT network is not a top priority, but your IT network is a critical enabler to your business and in need of constant attention to ensure its running predictably, optimally and securely. By optimising the performance of your network, it will work at peak efficiency and reliability levels that your business demands. Here at Tandem Systems, our Managed IT Support professionals look at every aspect of your business and look at what improvements can be made to your network to ensure maximum performance that supports your current and future business initiatives and innovations.

The technology we deploy in our network infrastructures span a wide range of innovative products which include:


Switches create a network to connect your devices. Today’s switches installed by Tandem have smart eco-friendly designs, combining consistent performance and speed with affordability and scalability.


Whilst switches create a network infrastructure, routers connect networks to the world. Tandem can use router technology to design a system reducing risk from security threats, provide resiliency, enable access to applications and information – even remotely.

Wireless Access Points

Setting up or extending your business network often required running many cables through walls and ceilings. Now your network can be easily expanded to connect users and devices that would otherwise be out-of-range.


Safeguard against software threats and help meet regulatory compliance. Tandem can help you protect your network systems and data against with firewalls, utilising both hardware and software-based security systems that restrict access to only authorised network traffic.


Whatever network infrastructure your business uses, Tandem can arrange for the design and install, or the repair or replacement of your data cabling needs.

Talk to one of our Managed IT Support professionals today about how we can enhance the performance of your network.