Cloud ComputingCloud computing solutions to improve business efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. 

The wider availability of faster broadband has brought with it additional opportunities for ways of working and reducing IT costs, many of which are solutions connected to Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing relies on sharing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle company applications.

More and more businesses are embracing cloud-computing methodologies to simplify and accelerate delivery of IT services. We work with you to deploy cloud automation solutions that transparently integrate with your network infrastructure and the needs of your business. Cloud collaboration solutions can help improve efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. 

Cloud Collaboration

With so many mobile users, the way we work together has become a huge focus for our attention. With the focus and popularity of social media over the last 10-years, many software developers have moved to collaboration tools accessible in the Cloud.  Email, Instant Messaging and document sharing tools available wherever, whenever have become the norm with many plug-ins readily available to integrate functionality with local applications.

Cloud Server

Hosted solutions and software-as-a-service is becoming increasingly popular.  We can arrange to manage your software and data off-site, reducing expenditure on hardware and increasing resilience and mobility and improving business continuity plans.

Hosted Back-up

If your not ready to have everything managed in the Cloud, you could choose to have your business continuity plans delivered by Tandem setting up a Cloud-based back-up solution, whilst maintaining your day-to-day software functionality and data access local to your business.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is generally a more widely recognised service and is basically a form of Cloud computing.  Tandem provides web hosting for many clients through its secure and resilient data centres.

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