Upgrading Your Technology To Improve Productivity


Upgrading Your Technology To Improve Productivity

The days when employees were happy sitting behind a big, clunky computer are gone. A report published by cloud computing company Fuze discovered that 75% of younger workers are not satisfied with the current technology they use at work. For some time now, and forever more, new workers coming into businesses will have been raised in a world that eats, sleeps, and breathes technology.

What would have once taken a week long in computer training to learn, new workers have done since childhood with the click of a button. Outdated, slow, and ineffective technology in the workplace will result in these workers being less productive. This is firstly due to the technology they are using, but also due to their dissatisfaction with work. What can you do about this?

Give your workers the technology they want

If your workers are requesting upgraded technology for the office, it’s not because they find joy in complaining. They ask because this is the technology they know how to use. They are adept at using it. Having this technology available to the necessary staff will mean they can be more productive. They will be able to maximise the use of modern technology that has been specifically designed to enhance human productivity. All you need to do is make a few simple changes to the office hardware.

Fuze also reported that 75% of younger workers are dissatisfied with their office technology. They want to use consumer-grade, mobile devices. The idea of the office is changing. No longer are people anchored to one spot for eight hours every day. Portable devices and cloud computing are expanding the concept of the office. Think smartphones, iPads, and laptops rather than, desktop computers with tangled wires sprouting from every crevice.

Use this technology to improve efficiency

Upgrading to a more modern working environment, by implementing new technology, might keep a lot of your workers happy. This is great because happy workers are 12% more productive. But, to really improve productivity, using this technology to its full potential is pivotal. Portable devices, and the use of cloud computing, means your staff can work from anywhere that has an internet connection. If you need something done urgently, your workers will waste no time getting to and from the office. Your workers can hop online, access business files, and sort the issue from wherever they are.

As well as this, do not overlook the importance of apps. For every need your business has, there will be an app to help you with it. A move towards communication apps like Slack, allow for instant communication.  Communicating this way is more efficient than outdated emailing for intra-office discussion. Slack is similar to Whatsapp, but specifically designed for work environments. But, some businesses may find Whatsapp serves them just fine.

Better communication in the office means increased productivity as workers share and edit ideas and information with each other instantly. These apps remove much of the formality that comes with email. They allow workers to do their jobs in a faster, secure, and more relaxed fashion. This, unsurprisingly, enhances productivity.

Tandem Systems understands the importance of integrating technology into your business in a way that will help maximise its success. To see how we can improve your company’s existing technology, get in touch today on 01204 860 050.

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