Make Your Internet Security Like Fort Knox

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Make Your Internet Security Like Fort Knox

Supposedly, the biggest risk you can take in life is not taking any risks. Then again, would you ride a motorbike up the M6 without a helmet? If everything goes to plan, you would be fine. But one poorly-timed lane change and suddenly you’re the laughing stock of the afterlife.

“How did you die?” the other spirits would ask.

“Well, I was riding my motorbike without a helmet and…”. They don’t even let you finish before they grumble and eye-roll at your stupidity. Before you know it, you have been banished to eating lunch on the table in the corner with the rest of the people who ‘had it coming’.

Business internet security

Running a business is about knowing what risks to take. Not having effective and up-to-date cybersecurity is the business equivalent of riding a motorbike with no helmet. The internet is most dangerous when you don't have the right protection. Being online exposes you to the menaces birthed by the digital age. Cyber attacks hit half of UK businesses in 2016. At the rate they're increasing, yours will be hit at one point or another. But don't worry too much. Effective cybersecurity can protect you from the consequences of cyber attacks. What they can't protect you from is yourself.

Cyber attacks

If you are living life on the edge with little or ineffective cyber security, don't be surprised when the law finds you at fault after an attack. Say you experience a cyber attack and sensitive customer information is stolen. An attack that lasted merely a few minutes has led to you breaking data protection laws. Now you’re faced with a hefty fine.

GDPR and data breaches

With the new General Data Protection Regulations, personal data breaches must be reported no later than 72 hours after you are made aware of the problem. Failure to comply with GDPR can result in fines of up to 10 million euros, or 2% of annual global turnover. And whose fault is all this? In the eyes of the law, it's yours. You were aware of the risks, yet you failed to follow the government's guidelines on how to implement effective cybersecurity.

What can poor internet security mean to you?

Not only are you losing huge amounts of money, think of the effect on your business’s reputation. It's no longer considered safe. It's definitely not a business customers want to handle their data. If you don't lose your company after a cyber attack, you will certainly still suffer. Attackers will think if you’re crazy enough not to update your cyber security, you're probably crazy enough to give in to their every demand. Some cyber attackers take joy in using whatever they can find against you. Imagine you're settling down for the night after a long day at work and the phone rings. You don't know who's at the other end of the call, but they know every detail about you.

Beware of cyber attackers

Cyber attackers aren't the type of people you want knowing your personal information. They are not above blackmail and extortion. Suddenly you're getting calls every night, and the police are involved. The fear, drama and loss would have been avoided if you just had some good cybersecurity. Experienced I.T. companies will set it up quickly and easily, so why risk losing everything you have worked for? There is no way to be 100% safe when connected to the internet. But, with the best cybersecurity, you are as safe as you can be.

Here at Tandem Systems, we have experience in making sure businesses have the maximum protection online. Our cybersecurity and business continuity plans have saved businesses like yours from facing the harsh consequences of a cyber attack, and we can do the same for you. If you want to know more about how we can protect you, give us a call on 01204 860050

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