Why Cloud Computing Should Be A Priority

cloud computing

Why Cloud Computing Should Be A Priority

When choosing the next steps for technological improvement in your business, you must consider the cost, the effectiveness of the new technology, and its staying power. Cloud computing has the best of all three and should be a priority for any business owner looking to improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Forbes described cloud computing as ‘crucial to the future of our societies’. In their opinion: 'it will support emerging technologies'. It's best for your business to have cloud computing in place to hit the ground running when these new technologies become pivotal to your business’s competitiveness.

How much does cloud computing cost?

If you are worried about the cost of cloud computing, don’t be. There are no upfront infrastructure costs. Instead, cloud computing is provided as a service by companies who charge you as you use their services, e.g. through software subscriptions. These companies have the resources and capability to manage any disasters that may occur, including cyber attacks. They often have better cybersecurity than small-medium enterprises can afford, so your data is protected on the cloud. Cloud computing doesn’t take up unnecessary space in your workplace allowing you to save on rent by having a smaller office, or even by running your business from home. The technology is easy to use, and without implementing it in the near future, your company is likely to fall behind.

How cloud computing makes your teams life easier

Just because your business is not on the cloud, doesn’t mean it can't function as well as those that use the cloud. So what is all the fuss about? Cloud computing is not about what is working now; it is about what will be working in the next few years. You cannot be shortsighted when it comes to running a business. The benefits of cloud computing are vast and often indirect, so many people don’t realise the potential benefits. Cloud computing improves communication, productivity, and staff satisfaction; simply by making their lives easier. With cloud computing, your staff can share files, communicate, and finish their tasks from anywhere with an internet connection.

Using cloud computing to act outside the box

But cloud computing also helps reach bigger goals. Goals larger than your business. It can also help close the gender wage gap by allowing people to work from home. Cloud computing can improve life satisfaction and personal health as people are not confined to the office and have more time to travel. Not only that, it can improve innovation as more people have access to professional resources needed to bring their ideas to life. As more businesses adopt cloud computing, these indirect benefits accumulate, having an impact on the UK as a whole. There will be savings made on NHS spending, and the UK will become more developed. In short, this means everyone will be living better lives. Isn’t that what we all strive for?

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