Common Cyber Threats: How to avoid them

Cyber threats occur many times on a daily basis, causing significant disruption to businesses worldwide. The best way to prevent the risk of a cyber attack is to understand what catastrophic damage can be done, how you can avoid attacks from happening, and what to do in the eventuality they take place. Here are the most common that your business is likely to face:



Phishing is a huge ongoing problem and is popular with cybercriminals. Phishers use techniques applied to email or contact made over social media to uncover personal data including names, job titles, location, key employees, and email addresses of potential victims.


Most commonly, phishers will send out a believable email which will contain a malicious link or attachment.


To avoid phishers, be wary of misspelt URLs and the use of subdomains. Also be observant of spelling mistakes within the body of the email itself — especially if the business branding looks odd. Try not to click on any suspicious links. If it looks dodgy; it probably is.



Bots are installed by hackers looking to complete a job as swiftly as possible. They are resourceful little bugs used with the intention of finding specific information. Usually, they look for credit card information, email addresses (to send spam to millions of addresses), and weak points in new software.


Alongside being cautious, installing firewalls will restrict accesses to only authorised network traffic.


Password cracking

Password cracking is a classic form of attack from cybercriminals. This is where they repeatedly guess a password by checking it against a cryptographic hash of the security key until they gain what they want. This can cause a ripple effect of damage if attackers manage to work their way into your system. Especially if they manage to steal stored data.


Make it a business-wide rule to use different passwords for your business sites and platforms. This includes social media and email addresses. Always ensure that your passwords are unique, lengthy, and strong. You can achieve this by incorporating capital letters, numbers, and symbols.



Businesses of any size can be subject to aggressive ransomware attacks. The purpose of ransomware is to make monetary threats to victims and block encrypted data until a sum of money is paid. This inevitably causes a considerable amount of interference to productivity within a company.


Don't wait until a threat strikes. Ensure you have all the security measures in place to prevent attacks from happening in the first place.


What can you do to prevent and reduce the risk of these threats?

Here at Tandem Systems, we proactively engage IT solutions that make your business run securely. To reduce the risks of the threats above, we can work with you to provide a cost-effective and manageable way of ensuring your data is protected.


We offer the best solutions that will minimise any risks to your business. From safeguarding your network with firewalls to virtual private networks, we will discuss the best solutions for you. Putting all these simple security systems in place will significantly reduce the number of potential security threats. Call us today on 01204 860050 to speak to a member of the team.

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