How Secure is Your IT Security?

Security online is of paramount importance when protecting you and your business. This is regardless of whether you’re a one-man band or a large company. For many home users, a simple antivirus programme will more than do the trick. The sheer scale and sensitivity of the information stored and utilised in business mean you need tighter security. You need a proactive approach that works to prevent IT issues before they arise. Should the worst happen, you need the best solutions to help tackle them if they do.


The biggest step you can take when it comes to IT security and management is adopting a prevention model. Leave the ‘cure’ approach as a backup option. A safe system is one that responds to threats as and when they happen. One that proactively manages issues before they arise, not after. This ensures the greatest level of security for your business. We are realistic and know even the tightest of systems can be breached by ever-evolving viruses and malicious programmes. As such, we value the importance of effective IT support in such situations.


That’s why we break our model down into three key areas; ‘Active’, ‘Engaged’, and ‘Responsive’. Our active approach is all about being in a position to respond to threats before they even arise. This allows us to maintain a solid core of systems that snuff out potential threats as early as possible.  This includes up-to-date anti-virus and antispyware software and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). These programs help guard against cyber attacks. Monitoring software is easy to install. It gives you the peace of mind that your systems are operating as they should. Leaving you confident in the knowledge your business is safe, you are blocking threats and preventing data loss. What’s more, they’ll even manage the general performance of your devices. Appropriate tweaks and upgrades are made here and there when system failures are detected.


For larger businesses, it may also be worth investing in a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. A VPN allows you to add another level of privacy to your internal files. For businesses with remote workers, it allows your employees to access their files safely. Regardless of wherever they are in the world. This invaluable tool gives you the freedom to operate from anywhere in the world. It also allows your staff to send and receive data while maintaining a very high level of protection. Moreover, VPNs are an entirely scalable solution. Whether there’s only a handful of you, or if you’re part of a huge conglomerate, a VPN will work just as well in all cases.


Our active approach ensures your systems are fully secure. Leaving you protected from external threats before they even have a chance to strike. When coupled with our engaged customer service and responsive support, this three-tiered approach gives you total peace of mind in your software and systems. Empowering you to continue business with confidence.  


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