Adam WarrenAdam Warren is our Managing Director of the Company – the boss, the big man.

Having graduated with a Bsc (Hons) from University College London in Mathematics (which he concludes is not relevant for a role anywhere), he accidentally got a job in an IT department in 1998 and the rest is (internet) history!

Adams success is due to him always putting the customer first. His company mantra is “I’m not in this business to sell computers, I’m in it to make businesses work better.” His passion for solving customer problems and providing solutions that continually drive businesses forward is driven into the heart of Tandem Systems.

Adam’s previously provided innovative IT solutions for a wide range of clients including NASUWT, Rolls Royce and Blemain Finance.

When Adam isn’t saving the IT world, he can often be found cleaning his beloved Cisco DX80 ‘computer/ phone/ android/ collaboration screen’ with his equally (if not more) beloved ‘teddy’ screen cleaner (pictures on request).

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